Callant Mantic Integrated Services



We offer technical drawing, design and 3D modeling of everything from roller skating equipment, small components to machines of all types to shipping containers designed as housing modules, as well as the ability to create functional prototypes in different materials and functional models for use in marketing or testing and testing.

With several years of experience in 3D printing, laser cutting and mechanical construction, we can assist you with help in any project.


We perform design and construction of new machines and industrial production facilities based on specific customer requirements. In addition, we offer optimization and re-design of existing machines and plants. Whether it is smaller single-purpose machines, or large multifunctional plants, we are available all the way from planning to start-up.

No task is too small, but if the task is too big for us, we can draw on a large network of skilled professionals in many different industries, including electricians, mechanics, blacksmiths, etc.

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