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New perspective, new solutions


We help you and your company turn ideas and plans into reality. At Callant Mantic, we handle all tasks quickly, efficiently and professionally.

All people think, act and work differently, and we recognize that different methods must be used to achieve different results. With several years of experience in 3D design, development and construction, as well as a large network of professionals in various industries, we have a good basis for helping you or your company.

We work at all levels from idea to finished product, but if you just need a simple assembly task, we can solve that without problems as well.


We support various charities with up to 15% of the monthly income. It is our contribution to supporting the great efforts of others to create a more sustainable future for all - both humans, animals and nature. Among other things, we support the Fields of Freedom initiative through Patreon and the WildLife Alliance, and also encourage everyone to help and support where they can.

No task

is too small.


My name is Mads Lindgren Jørgensen and I am the founder and owner of Callant Mantic Integrated Services. I am a AP Graduate in Production Technology, specializing in process and production optimization and have, in addition, a basic course as a Mechanical Engineer and several qualifying courses behind me.

I have many years of experience with design, development and construction of components and machines for production, transport and construction, as well as a large network of professionals in many industries, who can assist me, when my projects and tasks become too large for me to deal with alone.

If you need help developing a product, designing a component or assembling and installing a machine, do not hesitate to contact me!

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